Leadership development is crucial to the success of any organization.


Leading and Learning with Character

Leading and Learning with Character

Leading and Learning with CharacterLeading and Learning with CharacterLeading and Learning with Character



Leadership Development Seminars

Earl Morrison, LegalShield Independent Associate

Earl Morrison, LegalShield Independent Associate

Earl Morrison 
Leadership Development
Leadership Seminars
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Leadership development is crucial to the success and productivity of any organization. Leading and Learning with Character offers seminars and staff development training, including company offsite focus group sessions. Some of the topics offered include: How you react to a situation is how those under you and around you will react; You and only you can set the tone for your attitude; Never let them see you sweat, no matter what! Click on the link below to see all the seminars that are currently being offered.  


"Earl Morrison is a great influencer, and explains himself in a great manner. Hope to follow more of his work for self-improvement."  One of the most valuable things I learned from today's seminar is "Self-evaluation is important, and that you have to be the change you want to see." 

(C. Obregon Dec. 1, 2018, Deer Park, Texas)

Earl Morrison, LegalShield Independent Associate

Earl Morrison, LegalShield Independent Associate

Earl Morrison, LegalShield Independent Associate

Earl and Penny Morrison LegalShield Independent Associates

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Motivational and Key Note Speaking

Earl Morrison, LegalShield Independent Associate

Motivational and Key Note Speaking

Motivation and key note speaking on leadership

Motivational and keynote speaking:

Work ethics, setting goals, commencement addresses, team building, inspiration. Target audiences include but not limited to first responders, churches, businesses, organizations, conferences, school functions, and college events. Contact us today to  schedule for your event. 

 " Earl Morrison is one of the most comprehensive speakers of our time.  A true leader with vision and an understanding of the big picture.  We live in a world where the word leader is loosely used to describe a person who is simply liked.  A leader makes the tough decisions even at the cost of his own fate.  If you want to learn the true meaning of leadership look no more ."

(E. Campa Dec. 27, 2019 public comment via Linkedin)

Learn more about leadership

Leadership Lessons Learned: Leading and Learning with Character by Earl Morrison

Leadership Lessons Learned

Leadership Lessons Learned is a collection of the lessons Earl has learned throughout his career and as the head of an organization. These lessons hone in on his struggles and triumphs as he has learned how to Lead and Learn with Character. This book will benefit anyone wanting to develop their leadership skills. 

Click the link below to purchase a copy of the book. 


*   Earl was assigned to my platoon as a  Private in 2d Battalion 8th Infantry, Ft Carson CO soon after I arrived as a new Second Lieutenant. We spent months together “down range” in Colorado over  several years and several more months at Ft Irwin California at the National Training Center. The leadership lessons I learned alongside Earl and from him during that time have had an enormous  impact on my life. Earl is such an honorable, genuine, and capable person. It doesn’t surprise me that he has become the Chief of Police in Snyder, Texas. I’d encourage you-all to read his book ... i just ordered it on Amazon.  --Tom Berry

*  This is a great book to read if you are trying to figure out how you need to be as a leader as well as it puts in prospective why some employees act the way they do. It is an eye opener in what really happens through change, growth, and new roles. A must read for personal development! -Sarah S.

*  This book was very informative and delved into great information pertaining to leadership qualities that everyone could utilize in day to day life. The book leads you through the steps to become a productive leader in life as well as an organization and also shows you how to self-reflect, which leads to success. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who wants to progress and become successful!!  - Lea T.

*   Excellent book for leaders in any setting. I will definitely apply what I have read in this book to my job and my personal life.  - Mark H.

*  What a great book on leadership. This book defines what it takes to be a good leader, never compromise your beliefs and staying focused on what is important in life.  -Patricia W. 

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