Leadership Development Seminars



Topics Include:

  1. People in general dislike two things: the way things are and change.
  2. When you are the head of an organization there are no idle or meaningless conversations.
  3. It's not about being right or wrong, it's about making good decisions.
  4. How you react to a situation is how those under you and around you will react.
  5. Too little, too late. 

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Video Highlight for Leadership Seminar: Embracing Change and Making Good Decisions


 Topics Include:

  1. People say they want accountability until they are the ones being held accountable.
  2. You have to admit your mistakes in order to grow from them.
  3. You and only you can set the tone for your attitude.
  4. Difficult challenges and tragedies will bring out the best and worst in people.
  5. Stay well or leave well- it is always your choice.

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Leadership Series Seminar: Learning From Your Mistakes and Leaving a Legacy.


Topics Include:

1. Never compromise your character and morals no matter how difficult things become around you.

2. Surround yourself with positive people that will mentor, guide, motivate, and hold you accountable to do things honorably.

3. Don't allow failures, setbacks, naysayers, and difficult people to define who you are and what you stand for.

4. Take a stand for something or you will fall for anything and fail everything.

5. Never let them see you sweat, no matter what!

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Leadership Series Seminar clip: Building Character, Foundation and Strength.


Key Note and Motivational Speaking

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Additional Speaking Topics

* Your Attitude; Your Responsibility
* Mentoring through Life
* Never Give Up


Claudia O.

"You are a great influencer, and explain yourself in a great manner. Hope to follow more of your work for self-improvement."  One of the most valuable things I learned from today's seminar is "Self-evaluation is important, and that you have to be the change you want to see." 

(Dec. 1, 2018, Deer Park, Texas)

Lori C.

"Great Seminar! Sharing your personal experiences helped the audience know you and why you are passionate about sharing them for the growth of others." One of the most valuable things I learned from this seminar is "Remember that it's not about you. Don't take it personal. Also self reflect more often and react more calmly."

(Dec. 1, 2018, Deer Park, Texas)

Bill R.

What I learned today that I will use is "The importance of self-reflection and assessing whether you are making good decisions and if you are acting as a positive influence on those around you." The most valuable thing I learned today is "You cannot control 100% of the things that happen to you, but you can control how you react to those things 100% of the time."

(Nov. 17 , 2018, Round Rock, Texas)

Margar M.

"Excellent content! Self Reflection is key! One of the most valuable things I learned today is about effective communication- Am I saying what I need to say and are people understanding?"

(Dec. 1, 2018, Deer Park, Texas)

James M.

"Good course and good information. I learned  new ideas on how to approach certain situations at work."

(Dec. 1, 2018, Deer Park, Texas)

Audrey R.

The most valuable thing I learned today is "Change is inevitable and my reaction to it will determine positive/negative in my life. My legacy is important; my reactions or actions will determine that legacy."

(Nov. 17, 2018, Round Rock, Texas)